There is an old watertower in Intiö. We’re trying to make something out of it. Something good.

  • Interested in the process?

    Interested in the process?

    Read the blog about the crazy process of buying and renovating a water tower.

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  • See the vision in your very own eyes...

    See the vision in your very own eyes...

    Our vision is what makes the difference between an old building and an awesome place. Take a look at what we’re hoping the tower can become.

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  • Got interested in participating the process?

    Got interested in participating the process?

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  • An open tower
  • Unique structure
  • Brief history
  • An open tower

    We want to open the tower to the public. We want to create a vibrant cultural center instead of a drab office building. We believe Oulu needs a place to meet, to have events, to attract tourists, to have a sauna with friends and strangers.

    Have a beer or a coffee. Sit at the bar or on a hanging platform. Admire the art exhibitions on its walls. Enjoy the thrill of rappeling inside. Look at the city from a different perspective. Relax on a hot tub under the northern lights.

    Let’s make a place that we can all use and be proud of.

  • Unique structure

    The tower offers unique possibilities for construction. It is divided in three parts, each with its own charm and potential.

    The bottom is an open space with a central pillar and cement beams that criss-cross towards the walls. 26m high. It feels vast and majestic with a slight echo of old times. It reminds of an old cathedral with extra high ceilings.

    The water tank is a closed cement cylinder 8m high and 10m wide that used to hold 600.000L of water. Nowadays it’s (almost) empty.

    The cupola starts 40m above ground. The echo inside is quite something. It has a 360° balcony that gives a fabulous view over all of Oulu. From here you can see what structures are above the horizon and thus taller than the tower: very few.

  • Brief history

    Built in 1927 by the famous Finnish architect J.S. Sirén, the Intiö water tower is close to 90 years old. Its main function was that of a water tower. However, its beautiful facade, elaborate railings, and 360° balcony clearly show that the tower was also meant as a lookout tower and a landscape landmark. It worked as a water tower until 1969 when the Puolivälinkangas water tower began to operate.

    In times of war the tower was also used as an air surveillance spot by the army. In times of peace there was a kiosk at the bottom for snacks and a small fee to visit the balcony. The tower has seen tired soldiers, romantic dates, playful teenagers, and thoughtful visitors. Unfortunately, it was closed to the public a long time ago. The inside of it has been a mystery to most, even though its outside has been a constant fixture of the city’s landscape.

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