For Sale

I write with great sadness to say: I give up. The Tower is for sale.


The Tower project has been an unbelievable experience. Owning such a majestic landmark, feeling the social responsibility of trying to make something good for Oulu, trying to rally people and friends for the cause, demolishing 20m tall structures on my own… these are things I never imagined I’d experience. I’m thankful for that.

However, it’s also been a really challenging project. There hasn’t been a day in the last two years that I didn’t feel that I don’t know what I’m doing. Language has been a barrier every step of the way. The estimated cost is beyond my means. The bank is not interested. I have no partners or anybody interested in becoming one.

In this time, I’ve learned that one needs at least one of the following to move such a project forward:

  1. A lot of money. Enough to just throw money by the bucket at it till it gets built.
  2. A deep understanding of the construction industry in Finland, so that one has the contacts and methods to make things cheaper or at least understand the options.
  3. The social skills to rally and motivate people with (1) or (2).

I have none. I’m a computer engineer. It was perhaps arrogant or maybe foolish to think I could push this endeavour forward. It has taken a huge toll on me. I’m tired and overwhelmed. I’ve lost hope and I’d rather not cling to it when others might be able to implement their own project in the Tower.

I don’t regret it though. I learned a lot and I couldn’t have lived with myself if I didn’t try.


I’m deeply grateful to all who have been involved in the project. So many people contributed, some moved bricks, some provided emotional support, some helped with design tasks. Too many people to mention here. You all were great. I’m in your debt and am happily at your service for anything you need. Thanks.

I’m also grateful to the officials of the city of Oulu (rakennusvalvonta, palolaitos, museovirasto) because they worked with us the whole time to give us options. Their feedback was always reasonable and they wanted the project to succeed as much as I did. Thanks.

For sale

The Tower is officially for sale. It’s hard to put a price on it. I paid 35k€ for it. Since then I’ve invested so much time, money, and energy in it… so just make me an offer. I’m more interested in what yo want to do with it than what you are going to pay for it. Let’s talk about it.

— Daniel H.